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Building Trust With Your Dog

  How do you bond and build trust with your dog? Do you work at building trust with your dog? Are you doing it without even knowing? What are the ways we can build trust and bond with our dog? Spending positive time together builds trust and creates a bond like no other.  Going for walks, hikes, runs can be a wonderful bonding experience. Not training related, just out for enjoyment save the training for another time. Hanging out watching television, listening to music or reading a book/magazine Giving belly rubs, rubbing their head, massaging their paws, or simply resting your hand on your pet promotes bonding and trust building. Playing enrichment games Puzzle boards, snuffle mats, hide and seek, lick mats, cup games, talking buttons, frozen treats, fetch are all great tools to have interactive time with your pup. Trick training The key is keeping it simple and fun for them. Not typical command training. These are tricks like , shake, paw, play dead, roll over, crawl etc. Always end

Talking Dog Buttons

  Have you heard all the buzz about dog talking buttons? We sure have - and we wanted to check it out. I wanted a better way to have Diorabelle communicate her needs and wants. We are just getting started and will keeping a video record of our progress on our YouTube channel Diorabelle and Kimberly. We are using a company called Woof Meow Hello. They have a great starter pack with 4 recordable buttons. It's very manageable and not overwhelming at all. The owner is very friendly and willing to offer great advice on how to get started and beyond. She really wants you to succeed in better communication with your pet. They have buttons for dogs and cats, and come in 4 colors with 4 stickers and batteries included. Everything you need to get started now. We are having so much fun learning what the buttons are and how they work. It really didn't take long for Diorabelle to get the hang of pushing the button, now we are working on why she is pushing the button and what that button wil

Travel to Europe with your dog - Meet Diorabelle and Kimberly

  BRING YOUR DOG TO ITALY   Meet Diorabelle and Kimberly while traveling through Tuscany, Lazio, Rome and Florence. Small group for intimate travel experience. Activities with your dog, dog chef prepared meals, vet available, and so much more! Meet n greets with fun interesting topics on off tour hours You will be published and tagged on my IG accounts so you will get exposure to over 32K followers (unless you don’t want to be … I respect privacy).  Email for link with full itinerary Dates: September 17-24 Look forward to seeing you there!

Summer Fun In The Sun

 Hello Summer!!! What are you most looking forward to this summer? Do you bring your pet everywhere? I know I do! ☀️Here are some of our tips for safe fun with your pet this summer☀️ Make sure you are current on vaccinations - Have records with you by creating a screenshot in your phone, this way you always have them with you. Heading out for a Summer walk? Test the ground first with the palm of your hand, if you cannot hold it there for 15 seconds it is too hot for your dog... skip the walk or put on shoes. Water play or boating at a lake, ocean or large body of water? Be sure to include a life jacket. Always bring water for both of you, there are many options for a portable pet bowl too. Make sure your leashes and collars are water friendly, you never know when you wanna cool off! Create a puppy bag for the car - include a towel, wipes, first aid kit, spare collar/leash, kibble/treats, CBD(if your pup is skittish or car sick), pet toy, blanket or car seat cover (in case of fun dirty