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Summer Fun In The Sun

 Hello Summer!!!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Do you bring your pet everywhere? I know I do!

☀️Here are some of our tips for safe fun with your pet this summer☀️

  • Make sure you are current on vaccinations - Have records with you by creating a screenshot in your phone, this way you always have them with you.
  • Heading out for a Summer walk? Test the ground first with the palm of your hand, if you cannot hold it there for 15 seconds it is too hot for your dog... skip the walk or put on shoes.
  • Water play or boating at a lake, ocean or large body of water? Be sure to include a life jacket.
  • Always bring water for both of you, there are many options for a portable pet bowl too.
  • Make sure your leashes and collars are water friendly, you never know when you wanna cool off!
  • Create a puppy bag for the car - include a towel, wipes, first aid kit, spare collar/leash, kibble/treats, CBD(if your pup is skittish or car sick), pet toy, blanket or car seat cover (in case of fun dirty play - It will save your car), and anything else your family needs.
  • Traveling with your pup? Check for hotels that are pet friendly, read the reviews and ask friends for referrals  - they do matter!
  • Research hotels and the amenities available which will include your pup, otherwise you are stuck in room or with a pet sitter.
  • Be patient with your pet when it comes to new experiences, always end on a positive note!




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