Building Trust With Your Dog


How do you bond and build trust with your dog?

Do you work at building trust with your dog? Are you doing it without even knowing?

What are the ways we can build trust and bond with our dog?

  • Spending positive time together builds trust and creates a bond like no other. 
Going for walks, hikes, runs can be a wonderful bonding experience. Not training related, just out for enjoyment save the training for another time.

  • Hanging out watching television, listening to music or reading a book/magazine
Giving belly rubs, rubbing their head, massaging their paws, or simply resting your hand on your pet promotes bonding and trust building.

  • Playing enrichment games
Puzzle boards, snuffle mats, hide and seek, lick mats, cup games, talking buttons, frozen treats, fetch are all great tools to have interactive time with your pup.

  • Trick training
The key is keeping it simple and fun for them. Not typical command training. These are tricks like , shake, paw, play dead, roll over, crawl etc. Always end on a positive note and don't train too long. Rewards are always welcome by four legged friends.

  • Set your dog up for success
Make sure you are doing things your dog enjoys and loves. If they are very food/treat driven incorporate that into your play time. It will help build the bond between you. know your dogs limitations and what challenges them. Setting them up for success means you are not putting your pup into situations that scare them or make them fearful.

Be sure you are setting aside time each day to do something your dog and you love doing together. This will reinforce a bond and trust that will be like no other.

Whatever activities and bonding exercises you choose to do with your dog be sure it is something both of you love and enjoy. Make it simple, casual and fun. Be consistent daily, by creating a manageable scheduled time, always end on a positive note.

Keep it simple and have fun!

Don't overcomplicate time with your pup!

Create a loving bond together!

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