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What’s in your food bowl?

  Are you a kibble lover? Raw fed? Home cooked? Dehydrated meals? No matter what your preference be sure to include Vertrinex labs supplements for your health concerns.  We use the Omega 3 Fish Oil to aid in heart health and beautiful healthy skin and coat and the Probiotic Plus which aids in gut health. Two very important issues a lot of pups deal with especially when aging up. Be sure to consult your veterinarian about any supplements your little one might need. Vetrinex Labs has formulas for dogs and cats. Feel free to email any questions you may have. Stay healthy and happy!

Road Trip to The Pines Resort … California

 @pinesresort is such a magical place to stay. Unbelievably pet friendly and the views are stunning! (Minutes from Yosemite) It’s a great go to California vacation spot for any season! We love cooking our meals in the cabin, or barbecuing on the deck, having warm cozy fires, and plenty to do outdoors too! (They just added a Glice Rink for winter) There are shops to visit, bars and restaurants, and lots of activities going on.. we always make sure to have at least one dinner at Ducey’s on the lake! Exquisite meals and views! (Not to be missed) They have a sunset menu too! The staff are friendly, attentive but not overbearing so you can enjoy tranquility at its best! Book your stay at @pinesresort today! Maybe we will see you there!