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ARE YOU READY FOR SUMMER TRAVEL WITH YOUR FOUR LEGGED BESTIE?  Are you like me? … A staycation or vacation just isn’t the same without your bestie? They literally go everywhere with you? What establishments are truly pet friendly and what is a stay like with my furry friend? Where can I dine with my furry friends? What activities will I be able to do? Diorabelle and I are here to answer these questions and more, We will be showing you some of our stays at various hotels, B&B, Airbnb & more. We’ll give you some recommendations and honest reviews of the best places to stay with your furry loved ones and will include links, fun colorful videos and photos so you get a true feel for the place. We want to share the best accommodations, restaurants and activities in beautiful sunny California to make your travels here so much easier! My format will be highlighting a single establishment at a time in order to truly show all the facility has to offer. We will be at SuperZoo in Las Vegas
How to include your pups into your outdoor party Our pets mean the world to us .. Why not include them in the festivities? Don’t know how? I can help. Here’s one cool wine and cheese charcuterie party I had where I made a Barkcuterie board for the pups to enjoy too.  I purchased a paw shaped board and filled it with all the pups favorites making sure it’s visually beautifully as well. Here’s what was on our Barkcuterie board: Happy Tails Jazzy Jerky Treats in three flavors Chicken, Beef, & Salmon placed in plastic wide top cups Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries Carrots, Celery & Tri Color Peppers Dried cranberries scattered about the board If you have any questions feel free to email at Or Instagram DM @diorabelle @diorabelleandkimberly Have fun and tag me in your party photos!