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How to throw a fabulous Doggy Birthday Pawty!

Make it fun and exciting for both the dogs and the humans!
Send out your save the date or invites early to assure everyone is available to attend.
You can do EVERYTHING on the list or pick and choose what’s best for your dog pawty!

  • Treats and chews bar ... Have your pups favorite treats and snacks. Display in jars, on trays, in treat bags. Add dimension to your table, differing heights are eye appealing for all. Don’t forget about your humans too .. some fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed by both! Be sure to look up your favorites. Plenty of water bowls is a must have!

  • Selfie Station .. It’s all the rage and a must at every pawty we throw. It’s so much fun and entertaining, plus you now have lasting memories of the day! You can use nearly anything as a backdrop and props can be purchased or handcrafted. We use the long wooden skewers glued to any “props” we create by hand. The dollar store and Targets dollar section are great places  for inexpensive props! This is a great fun and guests entertain themselves!

  • Special Birthday Outfit .. To theme or not to theme your party? Your pups special birthday outfit should stay with the theme or create the theme of the pawty. A theme can be as simple as a color or as complicated as an entire fantasy scene. Make sure the outfit is fun, cute, special and most importantly comfortable for your dog.

  • Fun Favor Bag .. Make up a goodie bag to send each pup home with so they can have fun reminiscing about your pawty while enjoying their treats. A few treats and a toy or two would be pawfect. If theme party, be sure to stay on theme.

  • Let Them Eat Cake .. Dog birthday cakes can be ordered from a pet bakery either locally or online for delivery (be sure to check delivery areas). You can also make a doggy safe cake from scratch or doggy cake mixes(box). Just remember to double check your ingredient list if making from scratch to assure they are all doggy approved! You may choose to have another small cake for your human guests .. or better yet cupcakes! Supaw easy and less mess!

  • Location, Location, Location .. Be sure to choose a dog friendly place if you are not doing it in your own back yard. Plenty of parking, easy access, plenty of shade, grass, etc. check for bathrooms, water supply and any existing play equipment, tables, bbqs, etc. Depending on theme of your pawty can help steer you to a location. Bring plenty of poop bags!

  • Fun for all .. Be sure to bring a selection of frisbees, tug toys, balls, chew toys to keep your guests entertained throughout the day. Encourage guests to bring blankets and or chairs if outdoors.


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