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Food & Environmental Intolerances ... I can help!

When I first came to my mommy I was super cute, but quite honestly an itchy mess. I was losing fur and not really gaining weight(I am a tiny Chihuahua). Being Mommy’s first longcoat Chihuahua she wondered if this was part of the “blowout” process to achieve my adult coat .. NOPE .. it wasn’t .. the more photos she took, she quickly realized that I must have some type of allergy .. my eyes were now red, I was super itchy, fur was found everywhere, I had low energy and tons of tummy issues. Mommy spent 2 years researching and visiting vets. Prescription food was their answer. It helped but I was still not a healthy happy puppy. The research continued as daily butt baths were becoming the “norm” and that was not okay. Mommy finally found 5 strands testing online and was willing to give it a try. It wasn’t too expensive and seemed very simple to do. Test results in 10 days sealed the deal. The test required 5+ strands of hair (no problem my hair was falling out like crazy) to be mailed in with a small questionnaire. The test results would be mailed to you in 10 days. We ordered immediately and sent ours in the next day.
Once we received the results we were so happy to see they were easy to read and decipher, they are written in red, yellow and green charts. Red being foods that should be eliminated, yellow being very cautious with these foods, and green are for foods in moderation. I will tell you once we read through the lists shock set in .. so many of the foods I had been eating was an intolerance for me. Quite honestly they were a lot of standard dog food ingredients, including MOST basic proteins.
Mommy felt a bit overwhelmed for a quick minute. Then decided to look for dog foods eliminating the red foods. There were none on the market. She then decided to feed me a raw?cooked diet eliminating the troubling foods from red and yellow charts. IT WORKED .. within a few days I was feeling better, less itching, more energy, and my fur was starting to come back. 2 weeks later my coat was lush, full and shiny! It was a miracle! After 2 years of research and vet visits we finally found something that worked. Thank you so very much 5 Strands Testing for creating such a great and much needed testing kit! I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. Mommy does re-testing every so often for me and herself. They have an entire line of products for pets and humans, even the littlest of humans.
If you need to chat about your pets food or environmental intolerances please feel free to Email me!
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Order your testing kit today .. Use code 10DIOR to save at 5 Strands Testing 



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