Get EXCITED for your dog walks again ... Tips from a dog mom!

  1. Choose a new route .. We get set in a quick routine but that can get quite boring. Simply change up the route or location of your walk, you and your pup will have all kinds of new sights and smells to check out!
     2.  Practice a new trick .. Use this time to introduce a new trick to practice each day while on your walk. It breaks up the monotony of a regular walk and introduces a new element to the day. Don’t forget the high reward treats too!

     3.  Bring a friend along .. Invite a buddy to go walking with you. This will excite your pup for the walk and give you an opportunity to engage with another human too! It’s a great idea to break it up and invite friends some days but not others. Keep your pup guessing and excited for new adventures each day. They never know what to expect .. except a GOOD TIME!

    4.  Take some pictures to share your experience with friends. We love seeing what you are doing and where! Yet another bonding opportunity with your pup while you are out adventuring. Treats are a must for this too!

I hope these tips inspire you to take your walks up a notch and start really enjoying the walking time you are spending with your pup!
Happy walking! Don’t forget your water!


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